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Client Reviews

"I would highly recommend Maggie's consulting services to your organization to improve or enhance your self-sufficiency programs. She was instrumental in providing feedback and advice...her knowledge and expertise were so valuable.

Maggie truly believes in the participant's abilities and strives to help them see their value...she also possesses a professional demeanor, has wonderful ideas for enhancement of the program, and is able to delineate the needs of the housing authority as well as the participants' needs in the FSS program."

      - Hilaree Prepula, FSS Program Manager, Vancouver Housing Authority


 “In Maggie’s FSS program we experienced not only support during the process, but she also mentored us in creating and being accountable for personal growth goals that have allowed us to live life to the fullest. Maggie made us see that success IS possible.”

      - Shonda*, FSS Participant, Pierce County Housing Authority

Shonda now earns $50k/year, purchased her first home, and is earning her undergraduate degree.

*Name has been changed for privacy.


"After Maggie's training the conversations  we had with our clients and the interaction they had with us completely this day, the participants who are pulling ahead are the ones who went through our program after Maggie's training with our team."
        -Rachel Langford, FSS Program Manager, Portland Housing Authority

“With integrity, compassion, and professionalism, Maggie leads and succeeds…I found Maggie to be extremely reliable, very organized, and an innovator who with clarity, communicated the objectives and benchmarks for achieving our mutual goals. I highly recommend DeGroote Consulting.

- Alice Kimbowa, HCVP Business Analyst  & Former FSS Program Coord., Chicago Housing Authority

"Team members have continued to comment how they are now thinking of their own lives as well as their interactions with clients, in a whole new perspective.

One team member noted that she came away from the training with a new awareness of her potential, as well as a new found confidence...another member of my staff described the experience as a life-changing event...and yet another employee stated they felt the training and on-going support given by Maggie was akin to having a personal and professional coach.

As a team, we are eager to continue this journey, and excited about transforming how we work with our clients."

-Charlotte Myxter, Client Services Manager, Okanogan Community Action Council

“I’ve always been impressed by Maggie’s rare balance of personal connection with her clients, her innovative and big-picture perspective on the potential of nonprofit programming…Maggie is an inspiration to me both professionally and personally.”

-Megan Syverson, Product and Training Specialist, Forte Research Systems Wisconsin