DeGroote Consulting

  Creating Dramatic Change

The DeGroote Program Model©

Fast Track Training©: Phase 1

Do you have trouble filling your classes or feel like you need to pull clients along who just don't seem motivated? This 3-day training introduces your FSS team to a research-based method that fast tracks your participant's journey to self-sufficiency by dramatically increasing engagement and motivation. 

Give your staff the skills to accomplish in 3 days what used to take 3 years or more.This training is the key to sparking motivation in even the toughest clients, and is Maggie's most popular training package!

$3,000 for Onsite 3-Day Training*

(Up to 5 Staff Members)

The Core Training©: Phase 2

Have you ever wondered why the classes you provide for your clients haven't caused them to make drastically better choices? After your team implements the Fast Track Training, your FSS participants will be hungry for more! The Core Training introduces your staff to the next steps in the DeGroote Model. 

These are the building blocks that will empower your FSS clients to reach their goals quickly by changing behavior patterns. Hands-on training and followup coaching is provided to ensure easy application. FSS staff report dramatic increases in client achievement.

$2,500 for Onsite 3-Day Train-the-Trainer Course and Video Curriculum Package

(Up to 10 Staff Members)

The Finish Line Training©: Phase 3

Ever wonder why your clients get so close to achieving their goals and then sabotage their success?  This is the final piece of the puzzle. The 3rd phase in the DeGroote Model enables your staff to address tough issues that ALWAYS come up when participants near the finish line. 

Believe it or not, the stress associated with success is one of the toughest barriers your FSS clients will face. This training teaches your team how to put fires out quickly and keep participants on track to turn in their voucher. FSS staff report dramatically improved decision-making skills by clients and long-term independence from government assistance.

$2,500 for Onsite 3-Day Train-the-Trainer Course with Video Curriculum

(Up to 10 Staff Members)

Add-On Services to Enhance Your Program

Co-Facilitation of Pacific Institute


Often teams are eager to facilitate the Pacific Institute workshop on their own for the first time, but feel a sense of trepidation….it can be intimidating! 

FSS teams often request that Maggie co-facilitate this first session and walk them through the challenges of their first 2-day training. She has now added this service for teams who need a bit of extra coaching through this new experience. Clients report faster rates of mastery and confidence.

Motivational Presentation by Author & Trainer Sandra Smith


Author of How to Get What You Want Without the Guilt, Sandra Smith travels the country empowering staff at companies such as Boeing, Hawaiian Airlines, and Costco to become self-motivated go-getters who create a positive and efficient workplace. 

Maggie has added Sandra’s presentation to her FSS program model with great results from program participants and staff alike. Attendees report feeling inspired to take on challenges they previously thought unattainable, with new-found confidence!