DeGroote Consulting

  Creating Dramatic Change

Welcome Friends and Colleagues!

My name is Maggie DeGroote and I am a Certified FSS and HCV- Homeownership Coordinator...just like you. As a consultant I'm passionate about showing FSS teams how to jump-start their program participants into action and get them to the graduation finish line quickly. 

I know you're not interested in simply helping clients avert the next crisis, but passing on high-level skills that empower them to THRIVE long-term. 

Here are the outcomes I help FSS teams achieve with their participants:

  • Eliminating self-defeating behavior

  • Earning $30k / $40k / $50k per year

  • Earning undergraduate and graduate degrees

  • Funding savings AND retirement accounts

  • Drastically increasing credit scores

  • Paying off debt and avoiding predatory lending

  • Reducing impulsive decision-making

  • Turning in their Section-8 Vouchers

  • Choosing healthy relationships

  • Taking responsibility for their mental health needs

  • And SO much more.....

Recently one of my former FSS participants bought her first home. I was thrilled for her. It had taken years of sacrifice to pull this off. I had watched her earn her first professional salary of $45,000, go on to negotiate a promotion, earn her undergraduate degree, set strong boundaries with family, overcome an extreme fear of public speaking, pay off $20,000 in debt, and fund a $40,000 retirement account. 

She used the strategies she had learned in my FSS program to become accomplishment anyone can appreciate.

Those of us in the FSS world understand that our clients face a battlefield filled with the landmines of generational poverty, trauma, abuse, and addiction...not to mention belief systems that keep them disengaged. It's why we feel a bit of pride in ourselves when we know we've had a hand in making self-sufficiency a reality.

I sought out experts in the fields of behavioral science, financial education, generational poverty, resiliency, mental health, adult education, and employment when developing my program model to ensure these tough issues were addressed and dealt with quickly. 

I then tested these methods with program participants facing some of the toughest issues, such as those re-entering the community from prison or clients affected by disabilities...with impressive results.

Now I share this knowledge as a consultant, because so many FSS teams are passionate about helping their participants, but have run out of effective ideas to get them engaged and launched into the middle class quickly. 

I'd love to help you and your team achieve what seems impossible today....give me a call and tell me about your program!

Take Good Care,