DeGroote Consulting

  Creating Dramatic Change

Maggie DeGroote trains the next generation of Housing Authority professionals to cause dramatic change in their 

Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) represents a progressive new chapter in how we empower families to 

reach self-sufficiency.



Cognitive and behavioral research tells us that our beliefs and attitudes form a direct link to our behavior. 

We've all worked with FSS clients who "believed" the world was against them....and it seemed no matter what we tried we couldn't get them to the finish line...or even to engage, regardless of the resources we sent their way.

Once these belief barriers fall away, participants immediately become hungry to incorporate new behaviors.

 In just a few days Maggie can give your team the strategies to drastically improve your client's engagement and get them moving towards self-sufficiency quickly.  It's not magic, it's behavioral science.